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Balcon AAC Blocks

A modern day construction revolution

The Autoclave Aerated Concrete Block, or more popularly, AAC Block is a smart and green building material now widely used all over India. Balcon AAC Block has emerged as the most preferred substitute and is fast replacing conventional Red Clay Bricks, CC Blocks, Fly Ash Bricks, CLC Bricks and so on, which were used in building walls in residential, commercial and institutional construction until now. While AAC has been produced for more than 70 years, and it offers several significant advantages over other cement construction materials since decades. The light weight Balcon AAC Blocks are made of light weight fly ash, cement, fine additives, lime etc. through chemical reaction which creates constant cellular structure and cures in autoclave under high pressure steam which strengthens the bricks.

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On joint and plastering mortars

On steel by 20-25% and concrete by 10%

On labour and transportation cost

On project implementation time


  1. Cost Saving

    Reduce the total construction cost by 30% with the help of AAC Blocks.

  2. Low Water Absorption

    AAC blocks absorb less water compared to clay bricks due to the Capillary action.

  3. Time Saving

    Work can be easily completed due to the uniform size and easy to handle nature of our blocks.

  4. Light Weight

    The presence of even air pockets ensure comparatively less weight in AAC blocks, compared with all other bricks in the market.

  5. Termite Free

    Due to the absence of organic components, AAC blocks have good resistance against common pests, rodents and moulds.

  6. Fire Resistant

    The factional air pockets and impressive thermal insulation capability helps in fighting against fire.

  7. Uniform Size

    Our high end machinery helps to cut the blocks in clean uniform sizes with great finishing.

  8. Sound Insulation

    The sound transmission class rating helps AAC blocks in safeguarding your interiors from extreme noise.