Block Joint Mortor

A modern day construction revolution

Balcon Block Joint Mortar by Balcon Buildtech is a superior water resistant cement based mortar specially formulated for joining blocks. This mortar is specially designed and manufactured under stringent quality controls to give superior adhesive strength, higher durability and a strong bond between the blocks. This unique combination enables this mortar to be thinner, compact and versatile.
The mortar is applied to the vertical and horizontal joints between the blocks using a trowel or a mortar gun. After the mortar has been applied, the joints are finished by running a jointing tool or a striking tool along the joint to create a smooth, uniform finish.

key Features

How To Apply

The AAC,Fly Ash & Hollow blocks should be dry, clean and pre-wet before application. Do not apply on a dirty/ greasy surface.

Add Block Jointing Mortar to water and mix well for 5-10 mins [Recommended mix 23% water.

Allow the mortar to stand for 5 min then remix again for 2 min.

Apply the mix on clean, dry block surface with mason's notch trowel to make an even 3-4 mm joint layer.

Correction time for Re-alignment is upto 10 minutes to ensure perfection of the block placement.

'BuildWell' Block Jointing Mortar is self-curing and does not require water curing post application.

'BuildWell' Block Jointing Mortar wall is now ready for plastering application.